Conducting various games & sports, establishing gymnasiums, health clubs, swimming pools, play grounds, fields and sports centre for the mariners, generating a team spirit and passion for sports & physical activities to ensure good all round health.


An integral part of our mission is organization of various health camps for the help and knowledge of the people, donating blood and plasma for the needy, and tie-up with various hospitals and blood banks to offer our services periodically & whenever required.


Working towards & organising various kinds of programmes for the development and welfare of officers of the Mariners’ fraternity, arraying associative ties with various business partners, benefacting exclusive discounts, offers, sponsorships, and extending courtesies for the mariners of Lucknow.


Information about the methods of construction of low cost housing and to aid government, HUDCO & international organizations in development of projects related to construction of low cost housing for weaker sections of the society.


Organizations of various charitable events, including but not limited to, vishal bhandaras, blankets distribution, health camps, helping destitute/deprived children, especially in rural areas by providing/supplying clothes, woollens and domestic materials, and constantly conceptualizing new ways and methods to make our existence beneficial to the society.


Liaison with banks, insurance companies & other business houses for betterment of marine officers. We offer impartial financial advice to the seafarer to meet his desired goal in life. Also, we offer guidance regarding seafarers taxation and NRE rules and implementation.


Smooth coordination & cooperation with training institutes and government agencies towards guidance for mariners. Assisting and guiding, with experience, fresh young minds eager to join the merchant navy, and generating awareness through print and electronic media.


We conceptualized the idea of bringing together the seafarers of the city to enrich the experience and provide a platform for the brotherhood & their families. The team envisions to make the joys of time spent at home more pleasant and replayable, expanding one of seafarers’ favourite past times to a whole new audience.