About Us

Mariners Welfare Association, Lucknow was founded in the year 2015 by a team of maritime, welfare and business professionals, helmed at the front by core members having hands-on savoir faire, and founding members boasting global experience in a diverse maritime environment.

Mariners Welfare Association was formed to help the seafarers in and around the heritage city of Lucknow on various fronts that range from job opportunities to business development, social activities to community welfare, guide each other on career planning to investment solutions, forming a pressure group to exchanging of innovative ideas. Let us help our community!!

We network the members’ pool and training solutions for efficient business solutions and future assets.  We seek and envisage support to maritime personnel to attain the objective they need in the maritime industry.

We are senior licensed professionals balanced with cross-industry business and academic executives.

We are a group of pelagic sea professionals, for the Global Mariners of Lucknow. We conceptualized the idea of bringing together the seafarers of the city to enrich the experience and provide a platform for the brotherhood & their families.


The prerequisite for development is innovation, and the prime mover for innovation is to always create ideas that promote setting and achieving targets and moving beyond our limits in life, enabling personnel to achieve their highest goals via channelizing their energies through experience and collaborative teamwork, and improve their financial & social well-being, as well as provide solidarity to seafarers for resolution of their grievances.

In the early days of our burgeoning collaborative development, the team recognized the vast inventory of opportunities available to seafarers, as well as the recourse of seafarers’ brotherhood to actualize that inventory. And most importantly, the team envisions to make the joys of time spent at home more pleasant and replayable, expanding one of seafarers’ favourite past times to a whole new audience.


  • To work & organize various programmes for the development and welfare of mariners.
  • To conduct state & national level seminars with Government departments and officers.
  • To provide help & render assistance to mariners & their dependants who are in need.
  • To establish mariners hostels in strategic locations, and formulation of Mariners Club.
  • To create, maintain & publish a database and newsletter of the mariners & members.
  • To assist and guide, with experience, fresh young minds eager to join the merchant navy.
  • To generate social and cultural awareness through print and electronic media.
  • To carry on community development programs and activities.
  • To provide guidance to the mariners regarding methods of low cost housing construction.
  • To liaise with banks, insurance companies, and other business houses for mariners.
  • To conduct various games & sports, establish gymnasiums, health clubs, swimming pools, play grounds, and sports centre for the mariners and their families.
  • Arraying associative ties with various business partners, benefacting exclusive discounts, offers, sponsorships, and extending courtesies for the mariners of Lucknow.


  • To promote a spirit of cooperation, brotherhood, mutual harmony, love & understanding amongst marine officers.
  • To provide facilities for being part of an association for the seafarers and their families, enriching the experience and providing a platform for interaction and relation building.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for matters concerning or affecting the marine officers.
  • To arrange classes, speeches, seminars, workshops, conferences and campaigns for study & research.
  • To provide in whole or in part for the maintenance of any necessitous mariners and their dependants, and for the salaries, super-annuation or pension if its servants.
  • To work towards smooth coordination and cooperation with training institutes and government agencies for betterment of mariners.
  • To undertake all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives and goals.